They say human bodies are stardust. We are stardust, quite literally. This is not an attempt at writing poetry. It has been proven that 97 percent of human body is remnants of stars. Many of the atoms that we find in stars, also account for the majority of mass of a human body. Read here, if it interests you. 

Interestingly, these starry bodies which are a galaxy in themselves, still long for a companion. 

They say that you know in a heartbeat when you meet, ‘the one’. Some say matches are made in heaven. But who knows! What’s important is to keep the relationship alive, going, sparkling. Just these terms, make the starry bodies anxious, don’t they? If we look around, not far but perhaps closer to home, to our  parents or our friends’ parents, we’d find a pretty easy-going relationship. They appear like siblings, even when they fight, it never indelibly affects their relationship (of course, there are worse case situations)

With changing times, women have become increasingly independent; a characteristic that people are still getting used to, they are speaking their minds, very clearly.  Both men and women hail their individuality as utmost important, so much so that it only calls for trouble. So what’s the solution, compromise? Individuality is important and so is speaking up for yourself because no one else will.  

When love goes awry, partners look up to their respective friends and family for comfort, support and solution. We met a couple who have been married to each other for 40 years now. There relationship isn’t perfect, like any others, nonetheless it is brimful of love and care for each other. . Mr Jyoti Kumar and Mrs. Kiran Jyoti shared with us their secret of their happy married life. For them, it has always been about making time for each other, even if that meant short walks, a quick run to the groceries shops or relaxing movie nights at home. They make sure that they resolve their differences through open and by honest communication and creating a middle ground. 

Mr Jyoti Kumar and Mrs. Kiran Jyoti swear by this mantra. Regardless to say that, it takes a lot to keep a relationship alive and for every person the solution might be different. Find the one that suits your relationship.  

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